How To Make Lavender Syrup For Coffee: Easy Guide For 2024

Congratulations on your fantastic idea to make lavender syrup for your coffee! You’re about to embark on a journey that will not only elevate your coffee experience but also fill your mornings with a delightful aroma and flavor that’s uniquely yours and benefits your health. Making lavender syrup at home is a wonderful way to personalize your daily brew and take it to the next level.

In this guide on How to Make Lavender Syrup for Coffee, we’ll walk you through the straightforward steps to ensure your lavender syrup turns out perfectly, enhancing every cup of coffee you brew. So, let’s dive in and make your coffee even more special.

Why You Should Make Lavender Syrup Yourself

Honey and Vanilla are a great add-on to your lavender syrup
  • Cost Benefits and Personalization
    One of the best things about learning to make lavender syrup for coffee is that it’s incredibly cost-effective. With just a few simple ingredients, you can whip up a sizable quantity that will enhance your coffee for weeks to come. Moreover, the beauty of homemade syrup is the control it gives you over the flavor and sweetness, allowing you to tailor the lavender infusion to your exact preference, whether you like it rich and sweet or delicately subtle.
  • Embracing Natural Ingredients
    Another benefit of making your own syrup is that you can embrace natural ingredients. Many store-bought syrups contain artificial flavors and additives, but when you make your own, you can use natural ingredients like lavender buds. This way, you can enjoy the flavor of your syrup without worrying about consuming unwanted additives.
  • Avoiding Unwanted Additives
    When you decide to make lavender syrup for coffee yourself, you can bypass unwanted additives such as high fructose corn syrup found in many commercial syrups. Many store-bought syrups are loaded with sugar and other unhealthy ingredients, but when you make your own, you can control the amount of sugar you use. This way, you can enjoy your flavored syrup without worrying about consuming too much sugar.
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Why Lavender Is The Right Choice

A seamless pattern featuring detailed illustrations of purple lavender sprigs on a soft beige background

The Many Surprising Use-Cases of Lavender

It is said that Lavender was first used by the ancient Egyptians for mummification and perfume. The Romans also used lavender for bathing, cooking, and scenting the air. In medieval times, lavender was used as a remedy for various ailments, including insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Important – Don’t Use the Wrong Lavender

When you’re set to make lavender syrup for coffee, selecting the appropriate variety of lavender is importan.. The most common versions of lavender are English and French lavender. English lavender is the most commonly used variety in cooking, while French lavender is more pungent and used more sparingly. Make sure to use culinary lavender, which is specifically grown for cooking and has not been treated with pesticides or other chemicals.

What You Need To Make Lavender Syrup for Coffee

Illustration of Ingredients for making lavender syrup consisting of water, lavender and sugar on an wooden table

The Ingredients

To make lavender syrup for coffee, start by assembling a few key ingredients. You will need:

  • Sugar
  • Dried Lavender
  • Water

It’s important to use dried lavender instead of fresh lavender because dried lavender has a stronger flavor and aroma.

The Right Tools for the Task

In addition to the ingredients, you’ll need a few tools to make lavender syrup for coffee. You will need:

  • Saucepan (obviously)
  • Mesh strainer
    A mesh strainer is essential for straining the lavender buds from the syrup. Make sure to use a fine mesh strainer to ensure that all of the lavender buds are removed from the syrup.
  • Glass jar for storing the syrup
    A glass jar is the best container for storing lavender syrup. It’s important to use a glass jar because plastic containers can not only absorb the flavor and aroma of the lavender syrup but may also retain odors from previous uses, which can negatively affect the taste of the lavender syrup.
  • Funnel (optional but very helpful)
    Use a funnel to pour the syrup into the glass jar.

The Golden Syrup Ratio

To make lavender syrup for coffee that is just right, it’s essential to nail the sugar-to-water ratio. There are two main ratios you can use: the 1:1 ratio for a balanced sweetness, or the richer 1:2 sugar-to-water ratio, depending on how sweet you like your syrup.

RatioAmount per Serving
1:1 sugar-to-waterSweet & thick
1:2 sugar-to-waterLess sweet & thin

Our Recommendation

If you’re looking to make lavender syrup for coffee for the first time, we suggest using the 1:1 sugar-to-water ratio. This ensures you get it just right, gradually sweetening your coffee without going overboard.

Step-by-Step Guide On How To Make Lavender Syrup for Coffee

Visualized process of how to cook lavender syrup.

Here is our step-by-step guide to help you craft your own lavender syrup for coffee:

1. Prepare and Measure Your Lavender

To make lavender syrup for coffee, your first step is to prepare your lavender. While we recommend using dried lavender buds, you can also use fresh culinary lavender, but make sure it is organic to ensure the best tasting experience. Measure out two tablespoons of lavender buds for every cup of water.

2. Simmering the Simple Syrup

To make lavender syrup for coffee you will need to combine the water and sugar in a small pot on the stove. Bring the mixture to a boil and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved. Lower the heat to a simmer and add the lavender buds.

3. The Infusion Process

Let the lavender simmer in the simple syrup. If you want a mild lavender flavor, let the lavender steep for 10-15 minutes. For a stronger flavor, let it steep for 30-45 minutes. If you want a very strong lavender flavor, let it steep for an hour or more. Keep a close eye on the mixture and stir occasionally to prevent the sugar from burning.

• Mild Lavender Flavor: 10-15 minutes
• Medium Lavender Flavor: 30-45 minutes
• Strong Lavender Flavor: 1 hour or more

Keep in Mind:
While longer steeping time creates a lavender syrup with a richer flavor it can also create a bitter taste.

4. Straining and Storing Your Syrup

Now to the last step in our guide on how to make lavender syrup for coffee. Once the infusion process is complete, remove the pot from the heat and let it cool for a few minutes. Strain the lavender buds from the syrup using a fine-mesh strainer or cheesecloth. Pour the syrup into a clean glass jar or bottle and store it in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Create Unique Brews with Lavender Syrup

Now that you know how to make lavender syrup for coffee, it’s time to enjoy it in various ways.
Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Incorporating Lavender Syrup into Coffee and Espresso
    The most obvious way to enjoy lavender syrup is by adding it to your coffee or espresso. Simply add a tablespoon or two of the syrup to your cup of coffee or espresso and stir well. You can adjust the amount of syrup to your liking, depending on how sweet and floral you want your coffee to be.
  • Crafting a Lavender Latte
    For a more decadent treat, try making a lavender latte. Start by adding a shot of espresso to a cup of steamed milk, then add a tablespoon or two of lavender syrup. Top it off with a sprinkle of dried lavender buds for a beautiful presentation.
  • Refreshing Iced Coffee with Lavender
    On a hot summer day, iced coffee with lavender syrup can be a refreshing treat. Simply add a few tablespoons of lavender syrup to a cup of cold-brewed coffee, stir well, and add ice. You can also add a splash of milk or cream for a creamier version.
  • Aromatic Lavender Cappuccino
    For a fancy twist on your regular cappuccino, add a tablespoon of lavender syrup to your espresso shot before adding the steamed milk. Top it off with a sprinkle of cinnamon or cocoa powder for a beautiful presentation.
  • Beyond Coffee: Other Delicious Uses
    Lavender syrup is not just for coffee! You can use it to sweeten and flavor other beverages like iced tea, lemonade, or even soda. It also works well in cocktails, adding a floral and sweet note to your favorite drink.
  • Enhancing Teas
    If you’re a tea lover, lavender syrup can add a new dimension to your favorite tea. Simply add a tablespoon or two of the syrup to your cup of tea and stir well. It works particularly well with herbal teas like chamomile or mint.
  • Creative Cocktails
    Lavender syrup can be used to create unique and delicious cocktails. Try adding it to gin and tonic or vodka soda for a refreshing and floral twist. You can also use it to sweeten and flavor your favorite martini or margarita.

How the Color of Lavender Syrup Changes

While you make lavender syrup for coffee you might notice the lavender syrup changing in color during the cooking process. The color of the lavender syrup may change from a bright purple to a more brownish hue. This is a natural occurrence and does not affect the taste or quality of the syrup. The change in color is due to the heating of the sugar, which can cause a caramelization effect.

Nutritional Information

If you’re health-conscious and are interested in the nutritional information of the lavender syrup, here’s what you need to know. When it comes to serving size, a little goes a long way with lavender syrup. Here is a breakdown of one tablespoon, which is about 20 to 30 grams in weight, when using a 1:1 water-to-sugar ratio.

Nutritional InformationAmount per Serving
Total Fat0g
Total Carbohydrate14g
Nutritional Breakdown of 1 Tablespoon of Lavender Syrup

FAQ – How to Make Lavender Syrup for Coffee

Is lavender good in coffee?

Yes, lavender can be a great addition to coffee. It adds a subtle floral flavor that complements the bitterness of coffee. However, it’s important to use lavender in moderation, as too much can overpower the coffee.

What is lavender syrup made of?

Lavender syrup is typically made of water, sugar, and dried lavender buds. Some recipes may also include additional flavorings, such as vanilla extract or lemon juice.

What does lavender syrup taste like in coffee?

Lavender syrup adds a sweet, floral flavor to coffee. It can also help to balance out the bitterness of the coffee, making it a great option for those who prefer a sweeter cup.

Why is my lavender simple syrup bitter?

If your lavender simple syrup is bitter, it may be because you used too much lavender or let it steep for too long. To avoid bitterness, be sure to use the recommended amount of lavender and steep it for the recommended amount of time. Be sure to strain the lavender buds from the syrup before using it.

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