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Cupcave.com is an independent website dedicated to sharing insights, knowledge, and passion about coffee.

This editorial guideline outlines the principles of how we work. If you believe we haven’t met these standards, please reach out to us at contact@cupcave.net.

Our Reporting

We present stories based on our perceptions, ensuring accuracy to the best of our abilities, and make minimal use of AI. We strongly believe that AI content should be approached with caution and emphasize that our articles are a result of our own experiences and extensive research. However, we may use AI for quality assurance to ensure comprehensive coverage. For further details and our stance on this technology, refer to our Anti-AI Policy.

When conveying information not widely known to the public or that might portray an individual or organization negatively, we always seek their perspective.

Should new details emerge after we publish an article, we commit to updating the existing piece or, if needed, releasing a new one as quickly and efficiently as possible. Regardless, every three months we review our articles for current relevance and usefulness. Independent experts also assess them to maintain our high content standards.

We take action promptly if potential factual errors in our content are brought to our attention. If inaccuracies are confirmed, we will issue the necessary corrections.

We welcome anyone mentioned in our stories to respond. If you believe you or your organization has been unfairly depicted, or if you’d like to provide further insight into a story, we invite you to reach out.

We strive not to publish information from sources, whether they’re named or anonymous, without verification and our own research. The identities of those who wish to remain anonymous are protected, and we do not compensate sources for their information.

When drawing from external content, we ensure to acknowledge and direct our readers to the source.

Our Professional Engagements

Our work involves engaging with various stakeholders in the coffee industry, from baristas to brands. Our interactions are always rooted in mutual respect and integrity.

Should an entity choose to discontinue communication with us, we remain committed to our high standards of reporting, analysis, and critique, unaffected by these developments.

While we prioritize transparency, we choose not to publicly discuss certain interactions unless there’s a compelling editorial reason. For example, if the integrity of our publication is questioned, or crucial information release is hindered.

Cultural Diversity & Global Traditions

At Cupcave, we deeply value and celebrate global coffee traditions, practices, and stories. Recognizing that coffee is more than just a beverage — it’s a reflection of culture, heritage, and communal bonds — we commit to:

  • Worldwide Exploration: Actively sourcing stories and insights from different countries, ensuring a rich and diverse portrayal of coffee rituals and traditions from around the globe.
  • Addressing Unconscious Bias: We continually train our editorial team to recognize and challenge biases, ensuring our coverage is respectful, accurate, and celebrates the uniqueness of each culture.

At Cupcave, we believe in telling the full story of coffee — one that spans continents, cultures, and communities. We are proud to serve as a platform where these diverse stories can be shared and savored.

Health & Safety

Coffee, when consumed mindfully, offers not just a sensory delight but potential health benefits as well. However, like any beverage, it’s essential to be aware of its consumption’s safety and health implications. At Cupcave, we’re committed to providing well-researched and balanced insights into the health and safety aspects of coffee, which particularly involves:

  • Health Claims Verification: Any health claims related to coffee are thoroughly researched and backed by scientific studies or expert opinions.
  • Safety First: We provide guidelines and precautions, especially in DIY segments, ensuring readers brew and consume coffee safely.

At Cupcave, our goal is to ensure that every coffee enthusiast can enjoy their favorite brew with the confidence that they’re making informed, safe, and health-conscious choices.

Advertising & Commercial Activities

Editorial and advertising activities at Cupcave are separate entities. Content on Cupcave’s platforms, including our website and social channels, is decided by our editors and remains uninfluenced by commercial interests.

Our advertising team upholds principles of fairness, transparency, and honesty when dealing with advertisers.

We don’t approve of advertisements with auto-playing audio or any that might be deemed offensive. Inappropriate advertisements will be promptly removed. If you spot any ads that seem out of place, we welcome you to get in touch.

At times, we may include retail links in our content and receive a commission from any purchases made through these links. However, these affiliations don’t sway our editorial choices. Such links are solely placed in relevant articles and presented objectively, such as: “Check out the current price of [this product] here.”


Cupcave is owned by Blum and Steffes NicheLink GbR. The company manages a variety of brands and websites.

Any activities by our parent company, NicheLink GbR, that we cover, will always include a disclosure of our association. Editorial discretion remains paramount, and commercial interests do not influence such coverage.

All members and collaborators of the NicheLink GbR are familiar with this editorial policy and are dedicated to upholding it.

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