Espresso Martini Recipes: 5 Variations You’ll Love 2024

Espresso Martinis are cool, but did you know that there is more than just the standard one? Here are our most beloved Espresso Martini variations.

Our 5 Favorite Espresso Martini Recipes

10 Espresso Martini Variations by Vlad SlickBartender

1. The Classic Espresso Martini

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An Espresso Martini blends rich coffee and alcohol, making it popular among both coffee and cocktail enthusiasts.

It was invented in the 1980s by London mixologist Dick Bradsell, who combined vodka, freshly brewed espresso, coffee liqueur, and sugar syrup to create a drink that offers a perfect balance of flavor and energy.

This cocktail is typically served in a chilled martini glass and garnished with coffee beans. The Espresso Martini can be personalized by experimenting with different types of vodka, coffee liqueurs, and sweeteners.

Its creamy, frothy texture and robust coffee flavor make it a versatile drink that can be enjoyed in various creative variations.

2. Frozen Espresso Martini

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A Frozen Espresso Martini is a chilled variation of the classic Espresso Martini, blending rich coffee flavors with ice for a creamy, slushie-like consistency.

This cocktail combines vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso or strong coffee, and simple syrup, blended with ice to achieve the desired texture.

To maintain a robust coffee flavor, espresso or coffee can be frozen into ice cubes before blending, preventing dilution.

The drink is typically garnished with coffee beans and served in a chilled martini glass, offering a perfect blend of caffeine and alcohol.

This cocktail provides a unique, cooling twist on the traditional martini, making it ideal for warm weather.

3. Chocolate Espresso Martini

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A Chocolate Espresso Martini is a decadent cocktail that combines the rich flavors of espresso, chocolate liqueur, and either gin or vodka.

This sweet after-dinner drink features high-quality espresso, providing a strong coffee flavor and caffeine kick.

The addition of chocolate liqueur adds a creamy, chocolaty richness, while the alcohol from gin or vodka balances the sweetness.

Typically shaken with ice to create a frothy top, the drink is then strained into a chilled martini glass.

For an extra touch, it can be garnished with coffee beans or chocolate shavings, enhancing both its visual appeal and flavor.

4. Cold Brew Espresso Martini

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A Cold Brew Espresso Martini is a cocktail that replaces traditional espresso with cold brew concentrate, resulting in a smoother, less acidic drink.

This cocktail combines cold brew coffee, gin or vodka, and optionally, coffee liqueur for added depth and sweetness.

The cold brew method, which steeps coffee grounds in cold water for an extended period, extracts bold flavors without bitterness, making it ideal for those without an espresso machine.

Shaken with ice and strained into a chilled martini glass, the drink can be customized with additional sweeteners like simple syrup or Irish cream.

5. Dirty Chai Espresso Martini

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A Dirty Chai Espresso Martini is a creative cocktail that combines the robust flavors of espresso with the sweet and spicy notes of chai tea, enhanced by the choice of gin or vodka.

This drink is crafted by mixing freshly brewed chai tea syrup, espresso, and alcohol, then shaking the mixture vigorously with ice to achieve a frothy, creamy texture.

Optional additives like simple syrup, coffee liqueur, or vanilla vodka can be used to adjust the sweetness and depth of the cocktail.

The final martini is served in a chilled glass and often garnished with coffee beans or a dusting of espresso powder for an elegant presentation.

This fusion of coffee and tea makes for a unique, energizing, and flavorful twist on the traditional espresso martini.

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