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Our Anti-AI Policy has been created to clarify and assure our readers about the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our content creation process about coffee. Our goal is to maintain transparency and trust with our audience. Our platform deeply values human creativity, expertise, and authenticity. We believe that the essence of genuine content is rooted in human experiences and emotions, which cannot be replicated by machines.

Especially since machines do not understand the taste of coffee and what makes it so special, right?

AI-generated content often relies on rephrasing existing information from other sources, overshadowing the hard work of the original researchers and authors without giving them proper acknowledgment. This can lead to content that lacks depth and originality.

Definition of AI

Artificial Intelligence, commonly referred to as AI, is a domain of computer science that aims to create systems capable of performing tasks that, traditionally, require human intelligence. These tasks include problem-solving, recognizing patterns, and making decisions. While AI is designed to mimic human intelligence, it operates on algorithms and lacks the emotions, instincts, and nuanced understanding that humans possess. Therefore, AI’s cognition and decision-making processes are fundamentally different from those of humans.

How We Use AI

  • Content Quality Checking: Our primary content about coffee stems from dedicated human research, experience, and expertise. However, to ensure we deliver top-notch and comprehensive material to our readers, we might occasionally utilize AI tools to perform quality checks or identify gaps.

In our commitment to authenticity, we actively collaborate with professionals and specialists in our domain, integrating feedback from our esteemed readers, to create genuine, top-quality articles. AI lacks the capability to provide genuine insights into product quality, share firsthand experiences, comment on recent trends, or engage in meaningful interactions with leading figures for comprehensive articles.

What We Don’t Use AI For

  • Original Content Creation: Every piece of original content that lives on our platform is the result of careful work by human writers. These writers bring a wealth of experience and expertise, particularly in the coffee domain, ensuring the content remains rich and authentic.
  • Editorial Decisions: The heart of our content lies in the topics we choose, the perspectives we embrace, and the timing of our publications. Every such decision is made by our human editorial team, ensuring that the content remains aligned with our ethos and audience’s preferences.
  • Every piece of our content undergoes inspection by independent domain experts. We believe in quality over quantity and dedicate considerable time to each article, showcasing only the finest images, informed opinions, and pertinent information.

We take pride in our hands-on approach. From conducting in-depth research to engaging with industry professionals and unbiased product testing, we go above and beyond.

Furthermore, we ensure that each article is reviewed and updated, at minimum, every three months to maintain its relevance.

Opinions and Recommendations: Our reviews, opinions, and recommendations are crafted based on human experience and judgment. We believe in the depth and uniqueness of human insight, ensuring our suggestions resonate with real-life experiences and are not influenced by algorithms.

As a fiercely independent platform, we champion creativity and originality in our industry, choosing human creativity over AI-driven content.

In times when automation seems ordinary, we strive for our platform to radiate a personal, accessible, and organic aura.

Feedback and Concerns

We highly value feedback from our readers and stakeholders. Should you have any questions, concerns, or inputs regarding our stance on AI or its application, we encourage open communication.

To voice your thoughts or seek clarity on this policy, please reach out to us via mail at We’re committed to addressing your concerns and enhancing our policy’s clarity.

Regular Policy Review

As technology and our practices evolve, so does our Anti-AI Policy. We are committed to regularly reviewing and updating this policy, ensuring it stays current and continues to reflect our true practices and the evolving technological environment.

If you want to know more about the way we work, please read our Editorial Guidelines and explore our About Us Page.

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