Dirty Chai Espresso Martini: Coffee Cocktail Recipe 2024

A Dirty Chai Espresso Martini is what you get when you mix espresso with gin (or vodka) and chai tea. To adjust it even further to your liking, you can add additional flavors, which results in a unique twist on a traditional drink.

In this blog post, we will guide you through the ingredients for a dirty chai espresso martini, how to mix them into the perfect coffee cocktail, and which additives you can use to personalize your drink.

The sweet, spicy notes of chai blend seamlessly with the sharpness of the espresso, creating a complex profile that is both energizing and comforting.

The Ingredients You’ll Need

Alright, let’s talk about making a drink that’s a bit like your favorite coffee and tea had a baby and then decided to throw a little party. We’re making a Dirty Chai Espresso Martini, and trust me, it’s easier than it sounds and way tastier than you’d expect.

👉🏼 Chai Tea

First up, dirty chai. If you haven’t had one, it’s basically your cozy chai tea (yeah, the one with all the good spices like cinnamon and ginger).

👉🏼 Pick Your Poison: Alcohol

Now, to make this a martini, we need some booze. Here’s where you get to make a choice:

  • Vodka: The go-to for a smooth ride. Keeps things simple and lets the other flavors shine.
  • Gin: If you’re feeling adventurous. It’s got its own botanical vibes that can add an interesting twist.
  • Vanilla Vodka: Sweet tooth? This will make your drink taste like dessert in a glass.

👉🏼 Coffee or Espresso?

The heart of this drink is the coffee, specifically espresso, to give it that authentic coffeehouse touch. If you don’t have an espresso maker, a strong cold brew concentrate or a double-brewed coffee will do the trick. Good coffee = Good martini. It’s that simple.

👉🏼 The Extras: Making It Sweet and Deep

To cut the bitterness, you’ll want:

  • Simple Syrup: For sweetness. You can DIY this with sugar and water or just buy it.
  • Coffee Liqueur: Like Kahlúa, which adds depth and makes everything better.
  • A Little Extra: Sprinkle some coffee grounds or espresso powder on top for that barista touch.


As for equipment, you’ll need a sturdy cocktail shaker to achieve that perfectly chilled and frothy consistency. Shake vigorously to develop a nice head of crema. Serve in a chilled martini glass or a coupe glass to present your martini in style.

  • Shaker or cocktail shaker
  • Martini glass or coupe glass
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How to Make a Dirty Chai Espresso Martini

 A Dirty Chai Espresso Martini garnished with a star anise on top, served in a martini glass on a metal table
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Preparing a Dirty Espresso Martini requires attention to detail to create that ideal blend of strong coffee flavor with a creamy touch. Let’s walk through how to mix, froth, and present this enticing cocktail.

1. Brewing Chai Tea

To make a chai tea syrup for cocktails like a Dirty Chai Espresso Martini, you’ll essentially be creating a concentrated chai-flavored simple syrup. This process involves brewing a strong chai tea, then adding sugar to create a syrup. Here’s a straightforward way to make it:

Water: 1 cup
Chai Tea Bags: 2-3 or equivalent loose leaf chai tea
Granulated sugar: 1 cup

2. Mixing the Espresso Martini

– Fill your cocktail shaker halfway with crushed ice.

– 2 ounces of your chosen alcohol,
– 1 ounce of fresh espresso
– 1/2 ounce of the chai tea syrup

Seal your shaker tightly and shake vigorously for about 15 to 20 seconds. Shaking not only mixes the ingredients but also starts to create the frothy layer you’re aiming for.

3. Creating a Rich, Frothy Layer

The more vigorously you shake, the more air gets incorporated, resulting in a thicker, frothy layer on top of your martini.

4. Presentation and Garnishing Tips

Once the cocktail is sufficiently shaken, strain it into the chilled glass to avoid ice chips diluting your martini.

Garnish with three coffee beans floating atop the foam for a classic finish or with a light dusting of chocolate or espresso powder to tickle your taste buds even before you take a sip.

Nutritional Information and Variants

 Two Dirty Chai Espresso Martinis with star anise garnish, viewed from above, on a marble surface.
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Calories and Dietary Considerations

When mixing up a Dirty Chai Espresso Martini, you’re not only indulging in a delightful cocktail but also consuming certain nutritional elements. Let’s break down the calories and dietary considerations and explore some innovative twists to the classic recipe.

A typical Espresso Martini contains approximately 270 calories. The nutritional content varies based on the ingredients:

  • Alcohol: Vodka and coffee liqueur are the main sources of calories.
  • Carbohydrates: Mainly from sweeteners like sugar or syrup used in the liqueur or the cocktail itself.
  • Protein: Negligible amounts.
  • Fat: None directly from the drink, unless creamy ingredients are used.

Here’s a quick reference for the classic recipe’s nutritional breakdown (approximate values per serving):

Calories270 kcal
Carbohydrates22 g
Protein0 g
Fat0 g

💡Interested in other recipes?

Explore our blog post on how to make a regular Espresso Martini.

FAQ – Dirty Chai Espresso Martini

What makes a Dirty Martini dirty?

A Dirty Martini becomes “dirty” when olive brine, juice or chai tea is added into the mix. This addition complements the spirits used.

Is gin or vodka better for a dirty martini?

The choice between gin and vodka for a Dirty Martini comes down to personal preference. Gin will give your martini a more complex, botanical flavor. Meanwhile, vodka offers a cleaner, smoother taste.

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