20+ Built In Coffee Bar Ideas For The Best Coffee Experience

Hey there! So, as it seems You and I have been thinking about this whole built in coffee bar idea. Let’s imagine just rolling out of bed, hair all crazy, PJs still on, and all your favorite coffee goodies are just steps away, waiting patiently for your sleepy self. No blaring coffee shop sounds, no deciding if it’s a ‘sneakers day’ or a ‘slippers day’ – just pure, unadulterated coffee bliss, right at your fingertips.

It’s not just the joy of an effortless morning brew, though. It’s the late-night heart-to-hearts, under the soft glow of the kitchen lights, mugs cradled in hands. It’s the weekend gatherings, where friends spontaneously pop by and your coffee bar becomes the unsung hero of the day. A spot that’s ready to brew up memories, steeped in all your favorite flavors and moments.

Could this be your next project to dive into? Then let’s piece together all the elements that’ll make your coffee dream a reality.

The Charm of a Built In Coffee Bar

Create Your Own Built In Coffee Bar With IKEA Furniture

20+ Built in Coffee Bar Inspiration

1. Modern Black Built In Coffee Bar

 Dark black cabinets with an open wooden shelved section displaying coffee essentials, mugs, and other kitchenware, complemented by gold handles and set against a light wall.
by Pinterest

2. Add Soft Lights to Your Built In Coffee Bar

 Modern kitchen design: Charcoal cabinets flanking a wooden shelved nook, illuminated with soft lights, displaying dishes, books, and appliances. Adjacent are built-in ovens in a separate cabinet unit.
by Pinterest

3. Add a Unique Background to Your Built In Coffee Bar

 Dimly lit, luxurious wooden cabinet showcasing assorted liquor bottles, African masks, a modern coffee machine, and ornate teapot, all set against a backlit marble backdrop.
by Pinterest
 Cozy kitchen nook with dark wood cabinets, marble backsplash, illuminated open shelves displaying rustic decor, and a coffee maker on the countertop.
by Pinterest

4. White Kitchen Cabinetry with Built In Coffee Bar

 White kitchen cabinetry with open storage compartment revealing a coffee machine, mugs, and assorted items. Intricate ceiling design above and drawers below.
by Pinterest

5. Add Wooden Boxes for Storage

 Modern kitchen with navy blue cupboard open to display neatly organized glassware, mugs, and a coffee maker on wooden shelves, beside a cutting board and potted plants on a marble countertop.
by Pinterest

6. Add Baskets for Storage

 Dark wooden coffee station with illuminated rustic wooden backdrop, two pendant lights, a coffee menu sign, coffee maker, and storage baskets on top.
by Pinterest

7. Utilize a Pull-Out Drawer for Organization

 Traditional kitchen cabinet open to reveal a microwave, coffee makers, and a pull-out drawer with organized tea bags, cups, and utensils, set against a light marble countertop.
by Pinterest

8. Built In Coffee Bar With Sliding Doors

 Elegant gray built-in cabinetry with silver handles, set against a light wooden floor and paired with a striped curtain.
by Pinterest
 A built-in coffee bar with gray cabinetry and sliding doors. The interior showcases coffee-making appliances, a toaster, and assorted items like books and bowls, all set against a natural wood backdrop. Below, the gray cabinets feature sleek silver handles and are set atop a light wooden floor.
by Pinterest

9. Built In Coffee Bar with Folding Door

 Elegant white cabinet with open wooden shelving displaying ceramic teapots and cups, a coffee machine and spices, with surrounding drawers and doors.
by Pinterest

10. Create A Seamless Integrated Cabinetry

 Green built-in cabinetry seamlessly integrated into the room's corners, with wooden shelves anchored directly to the surrounding walls, showcasing cups and appliances.
by Pinterest

11. Green Cabinet With Gold Accents

 Green freestanding cabinet with mesh door panels, displaying kitchenware and copper canisters, set against a white shiplap wall, accompanied by a woven basket
by Pinterest

12. Dark Green Kitchen Cabinets with Built In Coffee Bar

 Dark green kitchen cabinets with gold accents, open shelving displaying books and dishes, coffee maker on countertop, and a vertical ladder on the left.
by Pinterest

13. Blue Cabinets With Gold Handles

 Chic kitchen nook: Dark blue cabinets with gold handles, featuring an open section with a coffee machine, mugs on a wooden tray, and an overhead microwave. Adjacent, a tall vase with greenery.
by Pinterest

14. Use Wooden Shelves in Colorful Cabinets

 Open dark blue cabinet revealing organized wooden shelves stocked with mugs, kitchen appliances, glassware, and multiple pull-out drawers filled with assorted items.
by Pinterest

15. Pink Built In Coffee Bar

 Elegant mauve kitchen cabinet with open doors revealing wooden shelves filled with glassware and a coffee machine, set above three drawers on a tiled floor.
by Pinterest

16. Full Wooden Cabinetry with Built In Coffee Bar

 Modern kitchen with wooden cabinetry, a coffee machine on the countertop, and shelves displaying assorted ceramics. Wooden chairs and a vase are in the foreground.
by Pinterest

17. Restore a Wooden Hutch into a Coffee Bar

 Before-and-after images: Left, a traditional wooden hutch with glass doors; Right, the hutch transformed into a sleek black coffee station with pendant lights, labeled drawers, and festive decor.
by Pinterest

18. Highlighted Coffee Bar

With a Built In Coffee Bar you can ideally organize your equipment. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hide everything. You could still highlight the coffee bar.

 Light blue kitchen cabinetry with a unique wooden semi-circular door showcasing mugs and a coffee machine, adjacent to a stove with white tile backsplash and a view of a sunlit windowed room.
by Pinterest

19. Natural Wood With White Contrast Built In Coffee Bar

 Modern kitchen with rustic touches: A wooden ceiling, a brown wooden cabinet showcasing porcelain dishes, next to a sleek white countertop and black stools, with a potted plant in the corner.
by Pinterest

20. Coffee Bar Under An Arched Alcove

I confess: Technically speaking, this is not a built-in coffee bar. But somehow it has a similar look, doesn’t it? At least it is somewhat built into a frame. I think that counts as an honorable mention.

 Light blue kitchen island with a marble top, under an arched alcove featuring wooden shelves, white subway tiles, and a brass pendant light, housing a coffee machine and grinder.
by Pinterest

21. Coffee Bar Incorporated Into The Wall Behind Doors

If you don’t just have a slight indentation in the wall, but rather a generous amount of space, you can incorporate your coffee bar into the wall.

 Natural wooden double doors opened to reveal a patterned backsplash alcove with shelves and a small cabinet, flanked by decorative wall grates, with a wooden chair and wall sconce on the left.
by Pinterest

Planning a Built In Coffee Bar?
What to consider:

  1. Space and Location
    Evaluating the available space within your home is pivotal to ensure your coffee bar doesn’t cramp or disrupt the existing flow. Select a location that is not only spacious but also easily accessible, particularly during those early morning brews.
  2. Design and Aesthetics
    Strive to select a design that effortlessly meshes with your existing décor, ensuring a coherent look throughout your space. A meticulously planned layout will balance functionality with striking visual appeal.
  3. Budget
    Establish a sensible budget, factoring in not just materials, but also labor and appliances, to prevent unexpected financial strain. This will act as a framework, guiding your choices towards cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.
  4. Storage Needs
    Accommodating all your coffee essentials without inducing clutter requires a well-thought-out storage plan. Decide on whether open shelving, cabinets, or a mix of both will best serve your aesthetic and practical needs.
  5. Utility Connections
    Ensure the chosen spot has adequate access to electrical outlets, and should you desire a sink, consider the plumbing logistics. Placement in proximity to necessary utilities is crucial for a hassle-free operation.
  6. Appliances and Equipment
    From machines to grinders, your selection of appliances should not only suit your coffee preferences but also harmonize with the space and design. Ensure they are of a size and style that complements your coffee bar.
  7. Workflow
    Design with intentionality, ensuring every item is easily accessible and contributes to a streamlined coffee-making process. Think through the placement of each element, creating a logical flow from bean to cup.
  8. Lighting
    Incorporate adequate lighting to ensure functionality and to create a warm, welcoming ambiance. Task lighting, particularly in preparation areas, enhances both practicality and aesthetics.
  9. Materials and Durability
    Opt for materials that withstand the test of time, resisting stains and being easy to clean. Prioritize durability to safeguard your investment and maintain the coffee bar’s aesthetic appeal.
  10. Ventilation
    Adequate ventilation ensures any odors from brewing are effectively managed, maintaining a fresh environment. Well-planned airflow also contributes to a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.
  11. Safety and Compliance
    All installations and setups should adhere to local building codes and safety regulations to ensure a secure environment. Consider features like child locks or safe storage for hot or sharp items to enhance safety.
  12. Future-Proofing
    Design your coffee bar with a nod to the future, allowing room for updates or style shifts. This foresight ensures your space remains relevant and adaptable to your evolving tastes and needs.
  13. Installation
    Determine whether you’ll embark on a DIY journey or enlist professional help to ensure the execution is flawless. Quality installation is pivotal to avoid future issues and ensure longevity.
  14. Maintenance
    Prioritize easy-to-clean and maintain materials and appliances to ensure your coffee bar remains in peak condition. Regular, straightforward upkeep will preserve both its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Advantages of Having a Built In Coffee Bar at Home

A built in coffee bar, especially one with closed shelving, brings a multitude of conveniences into your home, primarily anchored in accessibility, aesthetics, and preserving the quality of your coffee essentials.

  • Accessibility and Organization
    Having a designated space for all your coffee-related items (beans, mugs, machines, and accessories) ensures everything is within arm’s reach, streamlining your coffee-making process and saving precious morning minutes.
  • Coffee Quality Preservation
    Coffee beans and grounds are highly sensitive to light and air, which can rapidly degrade their quality and flavor. Closed shelves shield them from these elements, maintaining their freshness and ensuring a superior brew every time.
  • Aesthetic Appeal and Consistency
    Built in coffee bars with closed shelving create a tidy, unified appearance. Your coffee station becomes not just a functional space but also a stylish addition to your home décor. Concealed storage allows you to maintain a clean and clutter-free appearance, hiding away any mish-mash of packaging or supplies.
  • Minimize Exposure to Contaminants
    Closed-off shelves protect your coffee beans, mugs, and equipment from dust and kitchen splatters, ensuring that your coffee station remains clean and hygienic.
  • Reduced Wear on Appliances
    By shielding your coffee machines and accessories from constant light exposure and potential external damages, you’re likely extending their lifespan and ensuring consistent performance.
  • Enhanced User Experience
    All these factors culminate in an enriched coffee-making experience, where the practicality of organized, optimized storage merges with the sheer pleasure of enjoying a perfectly brewed cup, day in and day out.

Possible Disadvantages of Having a Built In Coffee Bar at Home

While having a built in coffee bar can certainly bring a touch of luxury and convenience to your daily routine, it’s also important to acknowledge the potential downsides that might accompany such a setup. Here are a few disadvantages to consider:

  • Space Consumption
    A built in coffee bar might take up a substantial chunk of space that could have been utilized for other purposes or left open. Especially in smaller homes or apartments, dedicating an entire section for a coffee bar might not be the most space-efficient choice.
  • Initial Cost
    Installing a built in coffee bar can be financially demanding considering cabinetry, plumbing (if installing a sink), electrical setups, and purchasing coffee-making equipment and accessories. The initial investment might be hefty and could stretch your budget.
  • Design and Installation Challenges
    Designing a space that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional can be challenging. Mistakes or miscalculations in design and installation can be costly and hard to reverse.
  • Reduced Flexibility
    Once installed, a built in coffee bar is a fairly permanent feature. If you want to redesign your space or move your coffee-making area, it would be quite an involved process to modify or relocate it.
  • Underutilization Risk
    For individuals who aren’t avid coffee drinkers, a built in coffee bar might not be used to its full potential. The space and investment could be seen as wasteful if the coffee bar isn’t utilized regularly.
  • Commitment to a Single Design Aesthetic
    The design chosen for your coffee bar is somewhat permanent and may not adapt easily to shifting décor trends. Aesthetic and design changes in the future might be limited or require additional investments.


Decorate Your Coffee Bar

Decorating your coffee bar adds a personal touch to your space, making your morning brew ritual more enjoyable. Themed decorations enhance the ambiance and mood of your home. A creatively styled coffee bar becomes a conversation starter, showcasing your unique tastes and interests.

For example:

FAQ – Built In Coffee Bar

How deep should a built in coffee bar be?

The depth of a built in coffee bar can vary depending on the available space and personal preferences. It’s recommended to have a depth of at least 24 inches (61 cm) to ensure enough space for the coffee maker, grinder, and other essential equipment.

How do I build a coffee bar in my kitchen?

There are many creative cabinet ideas for a coffee bar, including open shelving, glass-front cabinets, and built in cabinets. Open shelving allows for easy access to coffee equipment and adds a modern touch to the space. Glass-front cabinets showcase your coffee mugs and accessories while keeping them dust-free.

What are some coffee bar cabinet ideas?

There are many creative cabinet ideas for a coffee bar, including open shelving, glass-front cabinets, and built in cabinets. Open shelving allows for easy access to coffee equipment and adds a modern touch to the space. Glass-front cabinets showcase your coffee mugs and accessories while keeping them dust-free.

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