How to Make Mocha Iced Coffee Popsicles: Easy Recipe 2024

If you’re someone who loves coffee and wants to try something different, mocha iced coffee popsicles could be exactly what you’re looking for. These frozen delights are ideal for cooling down on sweltering summer days and make a delightful dessert.

Best part? You can whip them up at home using only a handful of ingredients.

Just follow our easy-to-follow guide to make your own mocha iced coffee popsicles right in your kitchen. With a bit of time and a touch of effort, you’ll have a yummy and refreshing treat to savor throughout the summer.

Why Mocha Is Perfect For Coffee Popsicles

What Is a Mocha?

Mocha is a type of coffee that is made by blending coffee and chocolate together. It is a popular beverage that is consumed all over the world.

The name “mocha” comes from the city of Mocha in Yemen, which was a major center for coffee trading in the 15th century.

Why Is It Perfect for Popsicles?

Mocha is a perfect flavor for popsicles because it combines the rich taste of coffee with the sweetness of chocolate. When you freeze mocha iced coffee, you get a delicious frozen coffee treat that is perfect for hot summer days.

The combination of coffee and chocolate also makes these popsicles a great dessert for any occasion.

Ingredients List

 Mocha Iced Coffee Popsicles on a light blue plate
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Strong Brewed Coffee or Espresso2 cups
Chocolate Syrup or Cocoa Powder1/4 cups
Cream or Creamy Dairy Alternative1 cup
Sweetener of Choice1/4 cup
Optional Flavor Enhancers1-2 teaspoons (optional)

When it comes to making mocha iced coffee popsicles, you’ll need a few key ingredients to get started. Here’s what you’ll need to gather before you begin:

  • Strong Brewed Coffee or Espresso:
    Start with 2 cups of strong brewed coffee (for example a double-brewed coffee) or espresso. You can use either regular or decaf coffee, depending on your preference. Brew your coffee using your preferred method, such as a drip coffee maker or French press.
  • Chocolate Syrup or Cocoa Powder:
    For that rich chocolatey flavor, you’ll need either 1/4 cup of chocolate syrup or cocoa powder. Dark or milk chocolate works depending on your preference, and if using cocoa powder, make sure it’s unsweetened.
  • Cream or Creamy Dairy Alternative:
    Use 1 cup of cream or a creamy dairy alternative like coconut milk to achieve a smooth texture. You can use heavy cream, half-and-half, or whole milk depending on your preference. If you’re using a dairy alternative, make sure it’s creamy and has a similar texture to cream.
  • Sweetener of Choice:
    Sweeten your popsicles with 1/4 cup of your preferred sweetener. Options include granulated sugar, sweetened condensed milk, or alternative sweeteners like stevia.
  • Optional Flavor Enhancers:
    For an extra flavor kick, consider adding 1-2 teaspoons of vanilla extract or a liqueur of your choice.

Keep in mind, these popsicles are rich and creamy, so they might not be the healthiest option. However, they’re a delightful treat perfect for hot summer days or whenever you’re in the mood for something sweet and refreshing.

Equipment Needed

 Mocha Iced Coffee Popsicles in a silicone mold
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To make mocha iced coffee popsicles, you will need a few pieces of equipment.
Here’s what you need:

  • Popsicle Molds
    First and foremost, you’ll need popsicle molds. You can purchase these online or at a local kitchen supply store. You may want to consider silicone molds, as they are flexible and make it easy to remove the popsicles once they are frozen.
  • Sticks
    You’ll also need sticks to insert into the molds. These can be wooden or plastic, and are typically included with the molds. Make sure they fit securely into the molds and are long enough to stick out of the top.
  • Measuring Cup
    To measure out your ingredients, you’ll need a measuring cup. A 1-cup measuring cup should be sufficient for this recipe.
  • Coffee Brewing Tools
    Use a French press or any other method you prefer to make coffee.
  • Freezer (obviously)
    Lastly, you’ll need a freezer to freeze the popsicles. Make sure you have enough space in your freezer for the popsicle molds to fit. It’s also a good idea to clear out any items that may be in the way beforehand.

By having all of these items on hand, you’ll be able to easily make mocha iced coffee popsicles at home.

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Step-by-Step Recipe

Here’s our step-by-step recipe to make creamy mocha latte popsicles.

Step 1:
Brewing and Cooling the Coffee

To start, you’ll need to brew some coffee. You can use either brewed coffee or cold brew coffee for this recipe. Once you’ve brewed the coffee, let it cool to room temperature. You can even place it in the fridge to speed up the cooling process.

Step 2:
Creating the Creamy Mocha Mix

Next, you’ll need to create the creamy mocha mix. In a saucepan, add the cooled coffee, milk, sugar, and cocoa powder. Whisk everything together until the sugar and cocoa powder have dissolved. Then, heat the mixture over medium heat until it starts to steam. Remove from heat and let it cool for a few minutes.

Once the mixture has cooled, transfer it to a blender or food processor and blend until it’s smooth and creamy. You can also run the mixture through a sieve to ensure it’s completely smooth.

Step 3:
Filling and Freezing the Popsicles

Now it’s time to fill the popsicle molds. Pour the creamy mocha mix into the molds, leaving a little bit of space at the top for expansion. Place the molds in the freezer and freeze for at least 6 hours or until they’re completely frozen.

Step 4:

Once your popsicles are frozen, remove them from the molds and serve immediately. You can also store them in a freezer bag for later. These creamy mocha popsicles are the perfect treat to enjoy on a hot summer day. If you don’t have the time to make them yourself, you can always purchase them from your local grocery store.

Customization Ideas

 Mocha Iced Coffee Popsicles dipped in dark chocolate
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Vegan and Dairy-Free Alternatives

If you prefer a vegan or dairy-free version of mocha iced coffee popsicles, you can easily substitute the heavy cream with coconut milk or almond milk.

Both of these options will provide a creamy texture and a subtle nutty flavor that complements the coffee and chocolate.

You can also use Greek yogurt as a dairy-free alternative, which will give a tangy taste to the popsicles.

Mix-in Suggestions

For an added crunch and texture, you can mix in some chopped nuts such as almonds or hazelnuts into the popsicle mixture.

If you want a fruity twist, you can add some fresh blueberries or strawberries to the mixture before freezing.

For a chocolate lover, you can add some dark chocolate chips or cocoa nibs for an extra chocolatey flavor.

Flavor Adjustments

If you want to experiment with different flavors, you can add a few drops of vanilla extract or some cocoa powder to the mixture for a subtle change in taste.

You can also add a splash of your favorite liqueur such as Baileys or Kahlua for an adult twist.

Tips and Tricks

If you’re new to making popsicles, here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • If you’re having trouble getting your popsicles out of the molds, try running the molds under warm water for a few seconds before trying to remove them.
  • Consider adding nuts, caramel, or other flavors to your popsicles to give them an extra boost of flavor and texture.
  • Use different types of chocolate, such as dark chocolate or white chocolate, to give your popsicles a different flavor.

💡 Want to try something different?

Try making Cold Brew Coffee Popsicles.

FAQ – Mocha Iced Coffee Popsicles

Can I use condensed milk in mocha coffee popsicles for added sweetness?

Yes, you can use condensed milk in mocha coffee popsicles for added sweetness. It adds a creamy texture and a sweet flavor to the popsicles. You can use either regular or sweetened condensed milk, depending on your preference. Keep in mind that sweetened condensed milk will make the popsicles sweeter than regular condensed milk.

What is the freezing time for homemade mocha coffee popsicles?

The freezing time for homemade mocha coffee popsicles can vary depending on the size of your popsicle molds and the temperature of your freezer. Generally, it takes about 4-6 hours for the popsicles to freeze completely. However, it’s always a good idea to check your popsicles after a few hours to see if they are frozen.

Are there any dairy-free alternatives for making mocha iced coffee popsicles?

Yes, there are many dairy-free alternatives for making mocha iced coffee popsicles. You can use coconut milk, almond milk, or soy milk instead of regular milk to make the popsicles. These dairy-free alternatives will give the popsicles a creamy texture and a slightly different flavor.

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