About Me

Waking up to the smell of coffee in the morning was always a highlight for me, but I never really drank it; I just liked the smell more than the taste.

That changed when I started working at PwC, one of the Big Four companies in 2019. There, coffee quickly became essential to my workday. It helped me through long hours and tough projects, and soon, what started as a necessity turned into a passion. Since then, I have gained over 5 years of experience when it comes to coffee (as of 2024).

I began experimenting with different types of coffee and brewing methods, eager to learn everything about it. Now, as a coffee blog author, I share what I've learned and experienced with others who might find it just as fascinating and useful.

What I do outside of coffee

When I'm not working on my coffee blog, I spend my time running, practicing calisthenics, and working in web design.

Running is my way to clear my head and calisthenics keeps me physically strong.

Additionally, I've turned my interest in design into a career in web design. It's rewarding to create websites that are both good-looking and easy to use. These activities keep me busy and balanced outside of my passion for coffee.

If you have any ideas on further improving our website, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to the exchange!